Matthew Regier is an artist and printmaker in Matfield Green, a small town in the flint hills of Kansas.

Regier grew up amidst an expanse of corn on a family farm in South Central Nebraska. The monotony of the flat, if fertile, land was magnified by the homogeneity of the crops and the scarcity of wild places. The resplendent banality of the landscape may have heightened his awareness of the unexpected—the incursions of wilderness into an ordered existence.

A largely self-educated artist, Regier holds degrees in philosophy and theology.  His other interests include agriculture, native plants, walking, books, and ideas (which can often be found in books).  He grows food for his family of four and uses the excess to barter with neighbors for eggs or good will.

Regier’s images are decidedly bound to the land that surrounds him.  He is interested in how visual representations of the land reflect or affect the human-land relationship.  He believes the prairie (whether the pristine virgin prairie or the “developed” prairie) is a subtle and easily overlooked ecosystem worth exploring again and again.

Regier moved to Matfield Green with his wife and son in 2015, a month before their daughter was born. His work can be found at The Bank Art Space in Matfield Green.